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技能电视大塞方便,每次积极进取到庭“高教杯”学校生为现代化成图技能与货品问题模型不断企业创新电视大塞和“上图杯”为现代化成图技能与不断企业创新开发电视大塞。电视大塞以赛促教,以赛促学,以赛促改,进一步不断提高学校生的图学能力素质。教研组室间隔十几年提升宏伟的个人奖,近5年提升國家级社团甲等奖1项,企业团一等奖1项,国家的级个人的金奖4项。得到 苏州市团体活动几等奖5项,小团体2等奖6项,苏州市bob综合娱乐官方 一级奖10很多,人个优秀奖20许多的忧秀问题。这之中2位语文老师连续性年可以获得南京市不错引导小编。




The Introduction of Engineering Drawing Teaching and Research Office


The Engineering Drawing Teaching and Research Office is mainly responsible for teaching courses in graphic design and physics at four different levels: vocational high school, junior college, bridging programs between junior college and vocational high school, and vocational school. Currently, there are three faculty members, including two lecturers and one teaching assistant, all of whom hold master's degrees or higher. Among the faculty members, there is one person aged between 35 and 49, and two people aged 35 and below, making it a vibrant and energetic collective.


In terms of teaching, the teaching team of the Mechanical Drawing course has been committed to curriculum content and system reform, actively participating in research and practice to improve teaching methods and approaches. Based on the understanding of the foundational and practical nature of the course, as well as the need for its content and teaching methods to keep pace with the times, successful efforts have been made in the development of practical teaching, the establ🦹ishment of a question bank, and the construction of elective courses.


Regarding competitions, the office actively participates in the Higher ﷽Education Cup National College Advanced Graphic Technology and Product Information Modeling Innovation Competition and the Shangtu Cup Advanceജd Graphic Technology and Innovative Design Competition. These competitions serve to promote teaching, learning, and improvement, comprehensively enhancing the graphic design abilities of college students. The Teaching and Research Office has won numerous awards for over a decade, including one first prize and one third prize at the national level in the past three years. They have also received five first prizes and six second prizes at the municipal level in Shanghai, as well as more than 10 first prizes and over 20 second prizes at the individual level. Two teachers have been consistently recognized as Outstanding Guidance Teachers in Shanghai for multiple years.


In terms of education and research, in addition to teaching, the faculty members have accumulated extensive experience in teaching reform, which has facilitated the development and advancement of the courses. Over the past five years, they have led three institutional-level teaching and research projects, one research project, and supervised three student innovation training projects. The development of education and research has promoted teamwork and the enhancement of teachers' professional competence and research capabilities.

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